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  JANARDHAN: The Arab Gulf's Pivot to Asia. From Transactional to Strategic Partnerships          ORDER FORM

GERLACH PRESS Titles by Publication Date

  BREHONY & JONES: Britain's Departure from Aden and South Arabia          ORDER FORM

  DEGANG SUN: Diplomacy of Quasi-Alliances in the Middle East          ORDER FORM

  HEARD: The Trucial Coast Diaries 1948-1957: On the Way from Pearls to Oil in the Trucial States of the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  KELLY: Desert Dispute: The Diplomacy of Boundary-Making in Southeastern Arabia (3 VOLUME SET)          ORDER FORM

  SHAH: Islamic Theological Discourses and the Legacy of Kalam (3 Vols)          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: The Struggle for the Meaning of Islam (4 Vols)                 ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: Occidentalism, Conspiracy and Taboo          ORDER FORM

  ALEBRAHIM: Kuwait's Politics Before Independence          ORDER FORM

  HILALI: The Making of Religious Texts in Islam          ORDER FORM

  HEARD: Oil Men, Territorial Ambitions and Political Agents (2 Vols)          ORDER FORM

  DUVALL: Islamist Occidentalism: Sayyid Qutb and the Western Other          ORDER FORM

  OURGHI: Reform of Islam. Forty Theses for an Islamic Ethics in the 21st Century          ORDER FORM

  KERSTEN: The Fatwa as an Islamic Legal Instrument (3 Vols)          ORDER FORM

  AJALA: European Muslims and their Foreign Policy Interests          ORDER FORM

  TURNER: The Muslim Theology of Huzn: Sorrow Unravelled          ORDER FORM

  KARA: In Search of Ali Ibn Abi Talib's Codex          ORDER FORM

  KOZHANOV: Iran's Strategic Thinking 1979-2018          ORDER FORM

  EL-RADHI: Economic Diversification in the Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  NIBLOCK: The Gulf States, Asia and the Indian Ocean          ORDER FORM

  BATTALOGLU: Political Reforms in Qatar          ORDER FORM

  KELLY: Desert Dispute - The Diplomacy of Boundary-Making in South-Eastern Arabia          ORDER FORM

  JONES: Gulfization of the Arab World (Exeter Critical Gulf Series 1)          ORDER FORM

  BERTELSEN: Strategies of Knowledge Transfer          ORDER FORM

  SHAHROUR: Islam and Humanity - Consequences of a Contemporary Reading          ORDER FORM

  LACKNER: Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis          ORDER FORM

  NIBLOCK: Conflict Resolution in the Gulf Region          ORDER FORM

  JONES: The Future of Labour Market Reform in the Gulf Region          ORDER FORM

  SIDDIQI: Science and Technology Development in the Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  EICKELMAN: Higher Education Investment in the Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  MASON: Egypt and the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  PRICE: Intellectual Property Rights in the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  HEARD-BEY: Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region: Fifty Years of Transformation          ORDER FORM

  WARNAAR: Iran's Relations with the Arab States of the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  NIBLOCK: The Arab States of the Gulf and BRICS          ORDER FORM

  DES ROCHES: The Arms Trade in the Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  AJAMI: Pouring Water on Time. A Bilingual Topical Anthology of Classical Arabic Poetry          ORDER FORM

  KOZHANOV: Russia and the Syrian Conflict          ORDER FORM

  PESKES: Wahhabism - Doctrine and Development          ORDER FORM

  ASUTAY: Islamic Finance Volume 1          ORDER FORM

  ASUTAY: Islamic Finance Volume 2          ORDER FORM

  ASUTAY: Islamic Finance Volume 3          ORDER FORM

  KROPF: Oil Export Economies. New Comparative Perspectives on the Arab Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  BRYDE: Sustainable Development in the Arab States of the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  ROUZATI: Trial and Tribulation in the Quran. A Mystical Theodicy          ORDER FORM

  KROPF: Employment and Career Motivations in the Arab Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  BAHGAT: The Changing Energy Landscape in the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  HOOK & NIBLOCK: The United States and the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  BREHONY: Rebuilding Yemen          ORDER FORM

  ABUSHARAF: Africa and the Gulf Region          ORDER FORM

  KHALIFA: Der Orient - Fiktion oder Realitaet? The Orient - Fiction or Reality?          ORDER FORM

  KERSTEN: The Caliphate and Islamic Statehood (3 Vols Set)          ORDER FORM

  ASUTAY: Islamic Finance (3 Vols Set)          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: On Fundamentalisms          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: Islam - Submission and Disobedience          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: Is Islam Secularizable?          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: Critique of Religious Thought          ORDER FORM

  BAZOOBANDI: The Politics of Food Security          ORDER FORM

  NIBLOCK: Security Dynamics of East Asia in the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  AL-ZOBY: State-Society Relations in the Gulf          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZMEH: The Arabs and Islam in Late Antiquity          ORDER FORM

  SEIKALY: The Silent Revolution          ORDER FORM

  LACEY: Gulf Charities and Islamic Philanthropy          ORDER FORM

  GUPTA: A New Gulf Security Architecture          ORDER FORM

  LUCIANI: Energy Reform in the Gulf States          ORDER FORM

  AL-AZM: Secularism, Fundamentalism, Meaning of Islam (3 Vols Set)          ORDER FORM

  TURNER: The Qur'an Revealed          ORDER FORM

  NIBLOCK: Asia-Gulf Economic Relations          ORDER FORM

  YOUNGS: The GCC in the Global Economy          ORDER FORM

  LUCIANI: Resources Blessed          ORDER FORM

  WOERTZ: GCC Financial Markets          ORDER FORM

  HERTOG: National Employment in the GCC          ORDER FORM

  LUCIANI: The Gulf Region (4 Vols Set)          ORDER FORM